Polity Matters

4. Intentionally Cumbersome (BCO Preface III)

September 26, 2023 Edburg, Nelson, Ratliff Season 1 Episode 4
Polity Matters
4. Intentionally Cumbersome (BCO Preface III)
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Jared is turning 200 and Scott's having a baby! And then the guys discuss the final portion of the BCO Preface: the Constitution of the PCA.

BCO online

Michael Kruger's Canon Revisited

"The Confession and Catechisms must be restored to their position as much more than theological shibboleths whose only function in our congregations and our sessions and presbyteries is to screen out doctrinal error."
-- David Strain in "Good Faith Subscription?" on The Gospel Reformation Network

Westminster Standards online

The Didache is commonly found in publications of The Apostolic Fathers, like this volume from Baker Academic.

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We are bound by the Constitution
Benefits of a Constitution
The Constitution and Scripture
The Westminster Standards
The Book of Church Order
Significance of the Constitution
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