Polity Matters

2. You're Going to Hate Sausage Forever (BCO Preface II.1-3)

September 12, 2023 Edburg, Nelson, Ratliff Season 1 Episode 2
2. You're Going to Hate Sausage Forever (BCO Preface II.1-3)
Polity Matters
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Scott, Jared, and Ben are joined by Steve Tipton in the first of two conversations about the PCA BCO Preliminary Principles. 

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Episode 1: Preface I

Steve Tipton is the pastor of Covenant PCA in Panama City, FL, and an editor at Presbyterian Polity.

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prolegomena: a formal essay or critical discussion serving to introduce and interpret an extended work

Westminster Confession 21

James Bannerman's The Church of Christ

Guy Waters' How Jesus Runs the Church

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